Trash can (user guide, buying guide)

Trash can often be underestimated in home interiors. Even though the trash can is also an important accent in building your residential aesthetics.

Incorrectly choosing a trash can or misplacing a trash can in space will certainly affect the aesthetics of the space.

Area Outside the House

Garbage bins in areas outside the home are usually temporary shelters for all household waste before being taken by the janitor.

Therefore, you need a large size trash can. You can choose a trash can made of fiberglass. Fiberglass bins are lighter, stronger and weatherproof.

Also choose one that uses a cover to prevent direct exposure to sunlight, raindrops, wind exposure, and muffle odors.
You should also cover it with a trash bag making it easier for officers to transport and easy to clean.

Kitchen Area

You can use a plastic trash can for the kitchen area. Plastic bins have a variety of shapes and colors. You can choose the shape and color synergized with the condition of the kitchen.

You can choose a trash can with a medium size. Plastic bins tend to be lightweight so they are easy to lift. You will often do the routine of throwing trash into the trash area outside the house.


For placement in the bathroom, you can choose a trash can from polypropylene plastic or stainless steel.
The consideration is that bins with these materials are durable if exposed to water for a long time and easy to clean if exposed to water.

Simply use a cloth or tissue. You can choose a trash can with a lid. Height of about 28-30 cm and a diameter of ± 20 cm. Choose the shape that suits your bathroom theme.


The garbage from the room is usually limited to dry waste, such as paper waste, hair loss, or tissue. The point is that there is rarely wet garbage.

Therefore, you can equip your room with open bins. The choice of materials can be from wood, rattan, epoxy/polyester powder coated steel. The model of the trash can be adjusted.

For placement in your room is still quite safe if you want to choose the model of the waste basket with small gaps/nets.

Family room

You can equip your family room with a trash can that has a more elegant shape or model. Usually, stainless steel trash cans have modern and minimalist models.

Suitable to be placed in a space that is seen by many people because it has aesthetics. There are many models to choose from, minimalist elongated, circular, oval, or semicircular. Just adjust to the theme of your room.

Tips for Choosing a Suitable Trash Can Be Stored At Home

Trash can – one of the most crucial things at home. Besides being useful for storing items that have been used, the trash can is also useful for preventing germs & bacteria from spreading in your home.

Choosing a trash can to be installed in the residence is not difficult. However, you need to pay attention to several aspects before deciding what type of trash you will buy.

Bins are available in various sizes, shapes, and types, depending on & adapting to your needs. This time we will give some suggestions that you can try before you decide to buy a trash can.

Adjusting to the Room

To determine the perfect trash bin, you need to consider which room needs a trash bin. For example the bedroom.
For the bedroom, you should use a trash can that is not too big & has a lid on the top. This is because generally in your bedroom you do not throw trash too often and also the garbage that is thrown away is not too dirty.

If in the kitchen, of course, you need to use the trash using different types and shapes. The size of the garbage bin in the kitchen must be bigger because in the kitchen you will get rid of a lot of garbage from the solid to liquid form.
Also, choose the location of the trash that has an epilogue on the top. This is to prevent odors according to the garbage that has been thrown out and make the entire kitchen room smells bad.

Another reason is to prevent flies from coming & alighting above your trash bin and making dirt and germs throughout the house, especially on your food.

Use Plastic as a Trash Can

Using plastic bags as a base for trash cans is very important so that exclusive rubbish sticks to the rubbish bin itself & this also makes it easier for you when you want to clean or even throw away the trash when it’s full.

You only need to lift the plastic bag that already contains the trash and then throw it to the primary waste disposal location. After that, you only need to wash the trash without feeling disgusted or smelly.
Still, you need to clean up the location of the trash so that the dirt does not accumulate and continue to multiply longer in your room.

Trash can be cleaned at least once a week so that your room is free from odor.

Sorting Garbage According to its Type

Maybe you need to specify a trash bin that provides options for the type of waste to be disposed of. For example, sorting out between organic waste and inorganic waste. Organic waste consists of waste that can be decomposed and decomposed such as paper, leaves, culinary residues & so on. Whereas inorganic rubbish is rubbish that cannot be decomposed, for example, plastic, plastic bottles, and others.

This system has been implemented in most poly areas to facilitate further processing of waste. There is also a so-called 3R, namely Reuse, Recycle & Reduce. This technique is widely used in various developed countries for the treatment of waste or rubbish & has been proven to facilitate the public to sort out more valid waste.

By refusing to buy things that you don’t need, reusing things more accordingly and disposing of items that are no longer used in the right recycling centers, you can contribute to a healthier earth.

The purpose of sorting garbage is to make it easier for you to get rid of the trash. And of course, inorganic waste can be reused for recycling into handicrafts or other things. You only need to collect it and then sell it to a waste utilization site in your residential environment.

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