Trash Can for Kitchen

Yes, the existence of a trash can is very important for every residential. But unfortunately, trash cans are often underestimated in home interiors.

Even though the trash can is an important accent in building a more comfortable residential aesthetic.
Incorrectly placing the trash can in the room will certainly affect the aesthetics of your room.

In order to remain in accordance with its function and aesthetics, therefore you need to pay attention to the selection of the right trash can according to the kitchen.

Trash can for the kitchen area

Like the trash that plays an important role in public places, which also applies to the home space. Well, because you are at home, the choice of the trash can is something to consider.

You can use a plastic trash can for your kitchen area. While plastic trash cans have various shapes and colors and can choose shapes and colors that are adapted to kitchen conditions.

You can also choose a bin with a medium size and don’t forget to put a plastic bag inside to prevent the trash from falling apart.

Trash can outside of the kitchen

Usually, the existence of garbage bins in areas outside the home is used as a temporary shelter for all household waste before being transported by janitors.

Therefore you need a trash can with a large size. You can choose fiberglass bins that are lighter, stronger and resistant to extreme weather exposure.

It’s best to choose a trash can that uses a lid to prevent direct exposure to sunlight, rainwater, wind and is able to reduce odors. Don’t forget to cover it with trash bags to make it easier for officers to transport trash.

Choose a trash can for the kitchen

This trash can – has foot pedals to help open the trash can lid. This trash can meets all the basic things needed for a trash can, such as the size and compact design.

Trash can be designed simply with quality plastic materials and durable. You also don’t need to go back and forth to buy a new trash can. If you have a kitchen with limited space, we highly recommend this product.

Trash can be made of lightweight and strong plastic. The rattan motifs produce a harmonious traditional feel when combined with a wooden kitchen floor. Suitable to bring a vintage theme in your kitchen.

This trash can is also equipped with a plastic container. If the inside is dirty, you can simply take it and then clean it with water. Because it’s easy to clean, this product is right for you who don’t want to bother keeping your trash cleanly,

Trash can have a simple design with plastic material.

The capacity of this trash can is quite large, which is 11 liters. You also do not need to bother because you have to replace the trash bag too often.

The trash can is available in 4 colors, namely sky blue, orange, green, and pink. Each color is bright so it creates a cheerful impression in your kitchen. Suitable for you who want to improve mood when cooking in the kitchen.

Trash can make of PP (Polypropylene) plastic material that is strong and lightweight. If the plastic bag is inserted into the handle of the inner container, the edge of the plastic bag will not be visible when the trash can is closed. It looks simple and neat, can meet the tastes of lovers of minimalist style furniture.

The unique shape of the trash can makes it suitable for decoration in your kitchen. For those of you who like to decorate the kitchen with unique products, we highly recommend this product for you. It has a large size and capacity, which is 12 liters so you do not need to replace plastic trash bags too often. The tube-like design is compact so it doesn’t take up much space. Fit for a kitchen with limited space.

Tips on Clean Up Kitchen Trash So That It Does Not Become A Nest Of Disease

Even though you have taken care of kitchen cleanliness, there is one part that you need to consider again, the cleanliness of the trash. Did you know that the trash can is the dirtiest part of the kitchen? And if not kept clean, it could be a den of disease you know.

According to the University of Arizona environmental microbiologist, Dr. Kelly A. Reynolds, Ph.D., however careful you dispose of trash in the kitchen, it will definitely smell because most must be wet garbage, it will rot causing the odor, and this is where more and more bacteria.

Touching the lid and mouth of the trash can move the bacteria in the trash. This is what you need to do. Once a week, wash the trash bin with disinfectant thoroughly, then dry it under the hot sun.

Also, clean the area you put the trash. There must also be a lot of bacteria there. After that, you can only use the trash again. Don’t forget to always throw away the plastic wrap. Replace with new plastic wrap.

That’s the best way to clean the trash that you use in the kitchen. If it’s already very smelly because the garbage is rotted and runny, don’t just rinse it. You can also wash it clean and dry it immediately. New can be used again.

Change Plastic Bags Every Day

Among the various parts of the house, the kitchen is the most vulnerable area in the accumulation of Yin energy.

Therefore, you must dispose of physical waste so that all bad things can be removed.

Don’t forget to always provide a trash can base with a plastic bag.

Then, replace the plastic bag every day.

Wash the Trash

A really clean and orderly kitchen will be maintained from Chi Yin which can weaken energy.
Next, another way to clean rubbish is to wash the trash can once a week.
Wash with disinfectant thoroughly then dry under the sunlight.
Also, clean the area where you put the trash.

Clean the Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are usually dirty due to the remnants of food attached.
This drain hole can be clogged because of garbage.

Clean the stove handle from fats and oils

The fat and oil attached to the handle of the stove are indeed very difficult to remove.
However, with Ammonia you can remove the stain without making the surface stove blisters.
Take ammonia around ¼ cup and fill in a large plastic bag.

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