9 Jewelry Cleaning Tips At Home

Jewelry Cleaning Tips, Women have been wearing jewelry since time immemorial and needless to say they are cherished possessions. This trend has also caught up with men and some spend hundreds of dollars to acquire the best jewelry in the market.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Jewelry Cleaning Tips

If you own jewelry, you probably wear them a lot on different occasions and you may notice that some lose their luster or show tarnish at some point.

You may think that your precious adornments have run their course but more often than not they just need some cleaning. Therefore, you must be looking for practical jewelry cleaning tips.

Different types of jewelry require different cleaning methods or agents. These agents can either be regular household products or special cleaning formulas you can buy from stores. In general, here are some of the ways you can clean different jewelry.


If you have a diamond piece of jewelry such as a ring, necklace, bracelet or any other; conventional products such as the Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik will do the trick. The end result will be a sparkling piece that looks as good as new.

You can also clean your diamond using homemade solutions such as I cup of warm water and ¼ cup of ammonia. All you need to do is soak it for 20 minutes and gently scrub it with a toothbrush.

Rinse it with warm water and leave it to dry on a piece of tissue paper. Cleaning agents that have chlorine should not be used on diamond accessories as they tend to bleach out the color.

Another solution that will get your diamond sparkling new is Vodka. Swishing it around in a glass of Vodka and then buff it with a soft cloth after rinsing it with clear water will give great results.


Silver pieces of jewelry are known to tarnish with time, but cleaning them on a regular basis can keep them looking new for a long time.

The tarnished silver can be washed using a silver-cleaning fluid that can be found in your local store. Unlike gold and diamond, silver should not be scrubbed using toothbrushes and other similar abrasives as they are more fragile and scratch easily.

If the accessory has intricate designs, you can use a soft cloth to wipe it. Chlorine does not work well with silver as the jewelry may end up pitted, so you should remove any silver when swimming in chlorinated swimming pools.

However, if you do not like the mess that commercial silver cleaners make, you can use a casserole that is lined with aluminum foil to hold a homemade solution.

Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of salt to boiling water then pour it in the bowl. The aluminum will clean out the silver as they react. Once the water cools down you can then buff the, with a soft cloth.


A homemade solution for cleaning gold is a drop of common washing liquids added to two cups of warm water. Gold ornaments should also be scrubbed gently with a toothbrush and rinsed with warm water. You can dry it using a soft cloth and buff it till it dries to make it shine.

One thing to note is that you should avoid taking a shower with gold ornaments because soap makes their color seem dull. They should also be kept away from chlorine products and even chlorinated swimming pools.


Turquoise is a porous stone and using the wrong agents can change the color of its jewelry. The safest way to clean this stone is to dip it in warm and gently scrub it with a soft tool such as a toothbrush.

You can leave it out in an airy place to dry. Contact with chemicals such as ammonia will often result in a color change or stain.


Cleaning pearls involves using a solution made of two cups of warm water and a few drops of mild detergent. You need to wash them quickly and avoid soaking as the string holding them together may expand and distort the shape. You can air them to dry.

To avoid discoloring your pearls, always put them on after wearing your make up as they may get discolored by all the blush and other colored compounds.

Olive oil can also be used to clean the pearls and keep them shiny. It is also recommended that you wear them often as they absorb natural skin oils that make them soft and radiant.


You can either clean your rubies using a commercial solvent formulated for this purpose, or you can use a homemade solution.

If you just want to make it clean and shiny, washing it in warm soapy water will remove any light dust.

However, if there are tough stains that need more effort, you can soak it in Vodka or alcohol overnight. Afterward, you can rinse it with warm water and buff it using a soft cloth. Strong chemicals are likely to discolor rubies and should not be used.


You can clean your emerald jewelry by washing them in warm soapy water. The soap should be mild and without oil or lotion additives that could leave a film on the gem.

If you need to reach the stone’s pavilion, you can use brushes designed to clean emeralds because they do not scratch the surface.

For buffing, you can use a polishing cloth that is soft or improvise with the soft microfiber fabrics that are used to clean the camera and eyeglass lenses. You should avoid the temptation of cleaning them with toothpaste as they tend to leave scratches.

Sapphires and Topaz

Just like the rubies and emeralds, jewelry made with sapphires and topaz should just be washed in warm soapy water and lightly brushed with a toothbrush. Rinse them out in warm water and buff with a microfiber cloth.


The delicate nature of cameos calls for delicate handling during cleaning and concentrated cleaning agents is not recommended.

You can clean them by brushing them lightly using talcum powder or cornstarch as the cleaning agent. Once you are satisfied with the results you can then brush off the excess powder and rinse.

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