How to Choose  a Good Trash Can

Its function is only just to get rid of garbage. Most people, it is not too confusing “shape”. In fact, today we often encounter large barrels or cardboard boxes that function as trash bins. Here it is clear, whatever its form – the trash can actually be anything. After all, its function is only to accommodate “garbage” – something that is dirty, no longer used, and has been thrown away.

Despite being marginalized, in many public facilities and urban areas – it seems that the existence of trash cans is important. How not, the function itself includes vital, namely maintaining cleanliness.

It must be remembered, in addition to disturbing the view – the rubbish that is left just like that to accumulate can be a greater risk. The result can vary, ranging from clogged gutters, disease nests, odor, to flooding because the water flow does not flow smoothly.

Like the trash that plays an important role in public spaces; the same thing applies to the space of your home. It must be understood, it is there (the trash), all the dirt, dust, and unused items will be collected – at least before they lead to the garbage disposal site.

Well, because it is in the home area; the selection of the trash can itself is something to be considered. After all, the view of a dirty, messy, and often-unpleasant smell of trash can certainly disturb the aesthetic value of the room as a whole.

Type of Trash Can

Actually, there are various types of bins that are sold in the market. Some can be found in barrels; basket; stainless steel trash can, to fiber trash. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, strong materials such as stainless steel will be far more durable and durable, rather than plastic basket-shaped. The shape is clearly more attractive and elegant. Unfortunately, at the same time, it cannot be denied that the price will be far more expensive. Vice versa.

In addition to the two types mentioned above, there are also types of plastic bins – which are popular for sale in many stores. The shape is diverse; starting from the basket; box; tube; up to certain cartoon characters! The advantage of plastic bins lies in its lightweight flexibility to carry it everywhere.

Ideally, it would be better if two types of bins are available; namely organic and inorganic. Both of these types will help you facilitate the disposal and recycling process. Unfortunately, this type of trash can is less common in the Indonesian household sector. However, it is still necessary to make a habituation step to make it something “common”.

Tips for Choosing Trash Can

Whether it’s a stampede bin, a car trash bin, or just a barrel without a lid – there is a simple way to choose a rubbish bin. The main key, which is to first adjust it to your needs. This article itself will discuss many ways to choose the trash that suits you. Here is the explanation.

1)Big or Small? Before buying the type of trash that is targeted, it is better to first determine: in which room the trash will be placed? The goal is to determine the standard size of the bin that you will use.

However, a bin that is too big will certainly “shift focus” to the dirt that has accumulated; so the room looks dirty and messy. Instead, choose the type of trash that has the capacity to suit your needs. Indeed, it seems trivial and does not mean much. However, in the long run – this method can facilitate the maintenance and cleanliness of the trash can.

One of the tips, you can use a small and brightly colored trash can for your bedroom. The goal, of course, is not only as a garbage container; but also makes the bedroom seem clean and airy. As for the trash that will be placed outside the room; It is recommended to choose a trash can that is resistant to exposure to extreme weather, such as fiber or stainless. It must be understood, for bins with outdoor functions, to make sure your “landfill” is protected from exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, and so forth.

2)Choice of Quality MaterialsIts existence is often ignored.

However, you certainly don’t want to keep buying rubbish bins – just because they are easily damaged, right? Therefore, quality is the main ingredient. Not only because of its durability, but quality raw materials will also prevent the trash bin from leaking and make the garbage inside it scatter to various places. This makes the selection of trash can with the best raw materials very important to do.

Now, for spaces with minimal dirty risks (bedrooms, workspaces, etc.), it is better to choose plastic bins. After all, in many cases – there won’t be a lot of garbage collected, really. Moreover, the type does not have the potential to make dirty; like paper or plastic waste. Conversely, for spaces with a large dirty risk (bathroom, family room, dining room, and kitchen), you should provide a trash can with high-quality materials. If necessary, you can also know to provide trash in the corner/guest gathering locations.

3)Trash Can with a CoverWho the hell can withstand the stench that stings the nose?

Well, to avoid this, try to buy a trash can that has a lid. Aside from preventing the spread of unpleasant odors, trash cans can also be protected from animal disorders such as cockroaches, flies, mice, cats, ants, and even grubs! Oh yes, before making sure to buy a trash can, make sure the cover is made precise and in accordance with the shape of the trash, yes.

It cannot be denied, a house can reflect the character and self-image of its owner. Of course, a clean house signifies that its inhabitants always care about maintaining health, order, and harmony. In the end, maintaining the cleanliness of one’s own house is not limited to the case of buying a trash can, putting it in a corner of the room, taking out the trash there, then “moving it” to a larger landfill.

Last Words:

It must be understood, the cleanliness of space is a matter of transmitted habits. Whether it’s in children and young people; or to your guests who are visiting. Providing rubbish bins in the corner of the house itself not only keeps residential cleanliness but also “teaches” others not to litter. After all, isn’t “home” the smallest education unit of a person in society?


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